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Carpet Cleaning Kingston, ON

Kingston, Ontario is known for its safe family community and historic fortifications. Within Kingston, there are many older homes and buildings. Carpet has been a popular flooring choice for years and it can be found with many of the older properties. When it comes to cleaning these carpets, you need a company that can carefully but thoroughly wash them. Carpet Cleaners Kingston is a professional carpet cleaning company that can take care of all your upholstery and carpet cleaning needs. We have been serving the residents of the Limestone City for many years and we know what it takes to steam clean and shampoo carpets. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Professional carpet, furniture, and upholstery cleaning in Kingston!

Best Carpet Shampooing and Steam Cleaning Services In Kingston

At Carpet Cleaning Kingston, our goal is to restore your carpets, upholstery, and area rugs to like new conditions. We use high-powered cleaning equipment and products to get the job done right and at an affordable cost. Our carpet steam cleaning injects high-pressure and temperature steam deep into your furniture fibres to remove all dirt and stains including:

  • Deeply embedded pet stains
  • Hot coffee or tea spills
  • Red wine and grape juice
  • Cosmetic stains and lipstick smudges
  • Ink spills from pens

Steam cleaning and carpet shampooing provide many benefits for your carpets and home. It enhances your indoor air quality by getting rid of all grit, allergies, bacteria, and stains. Regular carpet cleaning also extends the lifespan of your carpets by creating less wear and tear.

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area rug cleaning Kingston Ontario
area rug cleaning Kingston Ontario

Full-Service Carpet Cleaning Near Me

Are you searching for carpet cleaning near me? Do you need your carpets steam cleaned in your home, townhome, condo, or apartment? Do you own or rent a commercial location in Kingston, ON? As one of the leading companies offering carpet cleaning services and rug repairs in Kingston, Ontario, Carpet Cleaners Kingston is a reliable company you can trust.

With portable truck mounts and machines, we can bring the carpet cleaning services to you. Our carpet steam cleaning is offered to both commercial and residential areas across Kingston, ON.

Quality Products

Every carpet cleaning product we use is top quality. We want to provide the best services we can and that starts with the best products.

Reasonable Pricing

Offering affordable prices is what we are known for. Our goal is to allow everyone in Kingston, ON to afford great carpet cleaning.

Trained Employees

All of our cleaning employees are trained to produce excellent results every time. They are trained to clean well without causing damage.

Local Company

We are a local carpet and furniture cleaning company in Kingston. We serve Kingston and all surrounding areas.

Don't you just love fresh, clean carpets?

We can make that happen. We provide the best carpet cleaning.

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Carpet cleaning KINGSTON

Cleaning Services

Let us help you restore your flooring and furnishings to brand new conditions!

Carpet cleaning near me in Kingston

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Our skilled technicians will use our commercial grade equipment to wash and restore your carpets to like-new condition!

Kingston commercial carpet cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Kingston grout lines and tile washing

Tile and Grout Lines

Dirt can easily build up between tiles in kitchens and bathrooms. Our technicians will clean all the dirt and grime in your tiles and grouts.

full-service mattress cleaning Kingston ON

Mattress Cleaning

People spend a third of their life in bed sleeping so its good to have your sleep space fresh and clean. Let us completely clean your mattress.

upholstery and furniture cleaning kingston

Furniture and Upholstery

Furniture and upholstery is used everyday so it's a great idea to keep them clean. Contact our upholstery cleaning experts.

Kingston rug cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

We can clean your area rugs in-house or remove and return to avoid damaging your floors underneath. Either way, we will restore them to their origonal state.

odour and stain removal services kingston

Stain and Odour Removal

Stains occur for many different reasons and can be difficult to remove. By using specialized products, getting rid of those stains are no problem.

Kingston curtain cleaning

Drapery and Blind Cleaning

When cleaning your draperies, blinds and curtain, our Kingston cleaners are careful but thorough. We work to remove all the dust and bacteria.

Kingston, Ontario is known for its safe family community and historic fortifications. Within Kingston, there are many older homes and buildings. Carpet has been a popular flooring choice for years and it can be found with many of the older properties. When it comes to cleaning these carpets, you need a company that can carefully but thoroughly wash them. Carpet Cleaners Kingston is a professional carpet cleaning company that can take care of all your upholstery and carpet cleaning needs. We have been serving the residents of the Limestone City for many years and we know what it takes to steam clean and shampoo carpets. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Professional Carpet Cleaning Near Me

For carpet cleaning near me, check out our carpet steam cleaning. We always put 100% effort into our work to make sure our customers are happy. You can trust us with your next carpet cleaning service. We will be happy to help!

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kingston carpet cleaning service affordable and reliable rug washing services
kingston carpet cleaning service affordable and reliable rug washing services


Carpet Cleaning

Did you know our cleaning solutions are warranty approved and recommended by the manufacturers? In fact regular carpet cleaning services can extend the life of your carpet by not allowing soils to become permanent stains. 

Taking care of our customers office and home spaces is what we do best at Kingston Carpet Cleaning. Our top priorities are quality work and customer satisfaction. If something isn't right, we'll make it so! 

You should know that after a carpet cleaning service, your rugs will need to dry out which can take up to 24 hrs. However, this time can be reduced if there is good circulation in the room. Don't walk or place things on your clean carpet until the 24 hours is up. This will prevent permanent indents in your carpets from occurring.

Why Clean Your Carpets?

Carpets are luxurious, but they need regular special care compared with other floor types. 

Did you know a person sheds on average 1.5 million skin flakes each day? Small microorganisms like dust mites and others can accumulate and multiply by feeding on these and other foreign material brought in from outside. 

Fortunately, there are things you can do to keep your carpets safe and looking great:

  1. Weekly vacuuming - pulls the debris off the surface 
  2. Regular deep cleans - helps to reach deep into the fibres to pull debris and deposits. 
  3. We also have a high temperature steam technique which exposes and kills large amounts of microorganisms and brings your rugs back to fresh, like-new conditions!

Carpet Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Quick Tip: Outdoor footwear is a high source of contamination for your carpets. By removing before walking on your rugs you can avoid the transfer of outdoor microorganisms, dirt and debris into your carpets. For high traffic areas near doors, consider installing smaller area rugs or runners that can be easily washed in your washing machine!

Tip for pet stains: Stain removal is always easiest when responded too quickly. Follow these steps to restore your carpets:

  1. Gently dab up the wetness being careful not to rub the stain deeper into the fabric
  2. Make a mixture of 50/50 white vinegar and water (or 100% vinegar for tough stains) and soak the area. 
  3. Now the effort begins! Scrub the stain rigourously. Repeat until the stain disappears.
  4. Apply baking soda as a deodorizer if desired. sprinkle over the area and rub it into the fibres. Leave overnight too freshen and dry. In the morning you will be rewarded with a great smelling restored carpet that looks like new! 

Best Carpet Cleaning Services In Kingston, ON

Contact us today and let us help you get a clean, fresh home.

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upholstery cleaning and furniture cleaning services kingston

Transform Your Living Space

Affordable Carpet Cleaning Services

We are a carpet cleaning service that pushes ourselves to meet the expectations of all our customers. Our strong and dedicated commitment to having great customer service and satisfaction is where our success comes from. Since we always strive for 100% customer satisfaction, if one of our jobs weren't up to your standards, please reach out to our team. We will work to make it right with no additional costs for you. However, we are confident that this will never be a problem. Our cleaners are skillfully trained to provide the best upholstery and carpet cleaning services.

We love our environment and value the importance of it. That’s why we use green and eco-friendly carpet cleaning products. All of these products work just as well as traditional ones but are safe for the environment because they don't include harmful fumes and chemicals. Our mission is to provide you and those living with you a safe, secure area.

If you ever need a cleaned carpet, furniture item or area rug, we are here to help. Contact us today and we can set up a cleaning schedule that best fits your needs! Read more about the commonly asked questions about carpet cleaning here.

upholstery cleaning and furniture cleaning services kingston

Serving the Kingston Area

Not in Kingston, Ontario? Not a problem! Let our cleaning staff come to you. We serve the Kingston region including:

Give us a call today and ask if we serve your area. We will be happy to make a commute if it means providing you with professional house cleaning.

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We're here to help! Contact us with additional questions and we'd be happy to answer.

Can I deep clean my carpet myself?Cleaning your carpet yourself is possible but you won't be able to get the same quality of clean as a professional. To simply clean your carpet at home, mix 1/4 cup salt, 1/4 cup borax and 1/4 cup vinegar and apply the paste to stains or heavily soiled sections of carpet. Allow it to sit on the carpet for several hours until it dries completely, then vacuum it away.

Is it cheaper to clean your own carpet?Cleaning your carpets yourself will cost you less than hiring a professional carpet cleaner but you will still have some expenses. You'll need to buy the cleaning solution as well as pay to rent out the machine. Going the DIY route will also sacrifice a major level of quality in the clean. Unless you're a professional, it's best to hire out your carpet cleaning despite the added cost.

Is it a good idea to get carpets cleaned?Yes, getting your carpets cleaned is always a good idea. Overtime carpets collect a lot of harmful allergens. Professional carpet cleaning helps to remove dust mites, bacteria and other allergens, which ultimately helps your family breathe easier and reduces the risk of colds and other health problems. You should get your carpets deep cleaned at least once a year.

How often should you clean your carpets?To remove filth, grime, and allergens, you should clean your carpet at least once a year. Unless you are an expert at carpet cleaning, you should leave the cleaning up to a professional. This schedule, however, can change depending on a number of circumstances in your home. You should shampoo your carpets more frequently if you have children or pets.

How to clean dirty fabric furniture?Cleaning dirty furniture fabric is possible at home. In a small bucket, mix equal parts water and white vinegar to make a cleaning solution. Dip a damp but not wet microfibre cloth into the solution, then wipe the couch, rinsing the cloth as needed. Using a clean, dry microfibre cloth, dry the couch.

How much does furniture cleaning cost?Sofa cleaning costs between $50 and $200 on average, depending on size. Because of the timing factor, larger couches will be more expensive to clean. Unique materials, such as suede and leather, will also be more expensive due to the techniques and solutions necessary. Fragile cleaning processes are involved with individual chemicals, so the costs are higher.

How long do you have to wait to walk on a carpet after cleaning?Wait 6 to 12 hours before walking on freshly clean carpets. Carpets need time to dry. If you absolutely need to walk across the carpet to get somewhere else in the house, do so 30 minutes after cleaning it. Take off your shoes and put on a pair of clean white socks to protect the carpet. Stepping on your newly clean carpet right away can damage the fibers and cause permanent indents.

Can I put my furniture back after carpet cleaning?Even after a professional cleaning, you should wait 6 hours before putting furniture back on the carpet. If you're using water to clean the carpet, try to keep the furniture out for at least a day. Adding furniture on your newly clean carpet right away can damage the fibres and cause permanent indents. Since furniture is heavy, indents are highly likely to take place.

Is it worth it to clean mattresses?Mattresses can collect dust mites, dead skin, dirt, and other allergens, which means regular cleaning is important. Cleaning your mattress is especially important if you have allergies, have pets, or are simply a late-night snacker. If done correctly, mattress cleaning can get rid of all the bacteria deeply embedded within your mattress. Professional mattress cleaners use steam cleaning technology that blasts hot water to kill off harmful allergens.

How can I freshen my old mattress?How to Freshen and Deodorize a Mattress?
- Vacuuming. One of the simplest ways to keep a mattress fresh is with regular vacuuming.
- Sprinkle Baking Soda and Cornstarch. This is helpful to remove stains and odours as well.
- Water and White Vinegar. Helps to remove stains.
- Promote Air Circulation.
- Leave Your Mattress in the Sun.
- Get Fresh Bedding Every Week.
- Invest in a Mattress Protector. These are great at keeping food and pet hair from reaching your actual mattress. They can easily be cleaned by tossing them in the wash.

What is furniture cleaning?Upholstery cleaning is, as the name suggests, the process of washing the cloth that covers your furniture. However, the process is more complicated than it appears at first. For one thing, upholstery is frequently constructed of delicate natural textiles like cotton. Furniture cleaning requires special cleaning products and equipment to properly get the job done.

Is commercial carpet cleaning safe for all carpet types?All carpet kinds, including woven, needle felt, knotted, tufted, and flat weave, are suited for our commercial cleaning programmes. We will sanitize and clean your carpets swiftly and thoroughly, removing even invisible dirt such as allergy-causing dust mites, salmonella, and other pathogens.

Cleaning Services Overview

Below is an overview of some of the services we offer our customers:

thorough carpet washing services in Kingston Ontario
thorough carpet washing services in Kingston Ontario

Carpet Cleaning

Warmth is easily added to a space by the use of carpets and rugs. They feel great on our feet and pets love laying on them. Although as great as they are, carpets collect a lot of grime and dirt. Here at Kingston Carpet Cleaning, we restore them by removing stubborn stains and build ups of bacteria. All of the products we use are environmentally friendly so they aren't harmful to the outdoors or children and pets.

Carpets and area rugs are recommended to be vacuumed regularly and deep cleaned yearly to minimize the buildup of pollutants. This will help keep your home smelling and looking fresh. Not only that, but by having your carpets cleaned regularly, you can extend their lifetime as well.

As silly as it sounds, rug cleaning actually help with the air quality in your home because it helps to get rid of bacteria and other allergens floating around in the air. This is beneficial to reduce the risks of catching colds and makes the air quality safer for those in the area. We are carpet cleaners you can rely on! Read More

Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning Kingston

Furniture and upholstery can be made of different types of materials and therefore needs to have proper treatment to avoid damage. This is why we strongly advise hiring professionals to clean your furniture. At Kingston Carpet Cleaning, we have professional furniture cleaners who know the different techniques needed to avoid damaging your furniture and upholstery. To ensure your furniture is treated properly, we take the upmost care when washing it. Read More

Our process to making your furniture and upholstery clean goes like this:

  • The first step is consulting a fibre inspection to determine the fibre type your furniture has. Once that's been figured out, the nest step will be safely cleaning your upholstery. 
  • Our cleaning procedure begins with removing any large pieces of grime by vacuuming before deep cleaning. We will then target all the stubborn spots by spraying specialized cleaner on any visible stains. After that has a chance to soak in, we begin to carefully scrub the spot until the stain is gone. To finish the process, we rinse the piece by using a hot water vacuum. Finally, we dry your upholstery for you. This makes certain that there is no further staining or discolouration caused by our cleaning process.

Odour Removal

Unpleasant scents can appear in our carpets and furniture for many reasons. It could be anything from pet accidents to food and drink spills and lots more. Having a home that smells fresh and clean is great for guests and your family to be in.

Smells are be very difficult to remove. To keep these odours under control, getting a cleaning schedule for your carpets and upholstery can help to do that. If you don't have the time or energy for a thorough clean, we advise using deodorization sprays that will help take away the odours quickly. Give us a call now to hear which products we advise!

Stain Removal

We all have had a stain we can't seem to get rid of which causes a lot of anger and frustration. Some of the easiest places for stains to occur are in carpets and upholstery. It's best to hire an expert to take care of the mess when a stain does appear. Upholstery can be easily ruined and thats why proper attention is advised. Kingston Carpet Cleaning is a highly reliable upholstery cleaning company you can trust to get your stuck stains out every time without causing ruin to your furniture. We take all the required cautions while still giving you the best results. Read More

Mattress Cleaning

People spend a large amount of their time sleeping. Studies have proven that the average person spends one third of their lifetime in bed. Overtime, mattresses tend to collect a lot of dirt and bacteria. Keeping our beds regularly cleaned is essential to have a healthy sleeping spot.  Before reaching the foam layers underneath, most mattresses have a thick top layer of upholstery. This is why hiring trained experts is crucial. Our company not only cleans the upper layer, but fully cleans the other layers underneath. This ensures that all the grime and bacteria is taken care of. To get the best results, we use a steam cleaning method. Read More

How steam cleaning functions:

  • Steam cleaning is the technique of using high pressure water machines and strong vacuum motors. The high pressure water machine reaches dirt and bacteria deeply embedded in your mattress and dissolves it. After all these pollutants are gone, powerful vacuums are then used to dispose of all the water from the fabric. This method ensures that your mattress is cleaned thoroughly.

About Us

We have a love for carpet cleaning and restoring items.

Upholstery and carpet cleaning is one of our favourite things to do. We know that not everyone like doing it, but we’re pretty sure that everyone can appreciate having their items cleaned. For those reasons, we've made professional carpet cleaning as well as upholstery cleans our full time job. We will come to your home or business with a smile and a desire to work. We'll leave only once your carpets and furniture are stainless and brought back to life. We treat every item that we clean as though it was our own - with respect and integrity.

At Carpet Cleaners Kingston, we pride ourselves in the work we finish. We push towards exceeding our clients standards and building trustworthy relationships. To ensure all our workers are reliable, our company has taken time to educate all our employees so we always produce excellent results. When carpet steam cleaning your carpets and upholstery, we want nothing but the best for you.

Every detail needing to be looked after is something our company believes in. When we inspect your home or business, we do so carefully so that every little detail is taken into account. We value your time as our client and take each step needed to make certain our job is done right from the start. Our team is dedicated to providing all our clients with reasonable priced services. We hope that you give us the opportunity to provide you with your next carpet and furniture cleaning service. You won't regret hiring us!

Carpet Steam Cleaning in Kingston Ontario

Kingston Ontario is safe, clean, and easy to get around and is an ideal spot to raise a busy family and to retire. The city also has a number of tourist attractions like Rideau Canal, Fort Henry, Bellevue House, and Agnes Etherington Art Centre. Kingston is nicknamed the "Limestone City" because of the many heritage buildings constructed using local limestone. Since it's a family oriented area, Kingston has many large family homes. Within those homes, carpet has been a popular flooring choice for many years. It provides a safe, comfortable flooring option for busy families. With all the traffic that happens in family homes, those carpets can get dirty and need deep cleaning. Carpet Cleaners Kingston offers complete carpet steam cleaning and carpet shampooing services. Their professional carpet cleaning will remove all the filth and bacteria that has built up in your Kingston carpets.

Steam cleaning uses a machine to fire super-heated, pressurized wet steam deep into the carpet to clean and sanitize. The method is non-toxic, chemical-free, and entirely reliant on the purest of water filtered with reverse osmosis. Dirt particles are broken down by the hot steam, which is then captured by a strong vacuum. Upholstery, area rugs, carpeting, and even tile and grout can all be cleaned using this technique.

Our Duties & Responsibilities

  • Onsite analysis of your carpet and upholstery for stains and other signs of wear
  • Identify best treatment techniques
  • Professional steam cleaning and carpet cleaning in Kingston
  • Apply deodorizers if needed
  • Rearrange or cover furniture as needed
  • Keep a safe and clean work area
  • Assist with fabric/rug/carpet repairs

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Full-Service carpet, furniture, mattress, and upholstery cleaning services in Kingston, Ontario.

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